greenT: Exploring grapheme-color synesthesia

For my whole life, I've associated colors with letters and numbers. This is called grapheme-color synesthesia. For my second major project in Shiny, I built an app to help me explain synesthesia to friends, and to learn more about the experiences of other synesthetes.

YGDP Dashboard

From June through December 2020, I taught myself Shiny and ended up creating a pretty complicated interactive dashboard for exploring dialect variation across the US. Here's a bit about my experience using Shiny, as well as the app itself for you to play around with.

The Tadpole Olympics

For my B.S. thesis project at Yale, I measured how fast wood frog tadpoles swim in response to a simulated predator attack, and how that swimming speed relates to their developmental rate. It turns out that developing fast comes with a performance cost, and that tradeoff might help to explain some of the patterns we've observed in wood frogs' developmental rates in the past. A short description of the post.

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